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HuskyCam - Live Web CamThe British Musher's Association is the only UK organisation to be affiliated to The International Sled Dog Racing Association, ISDRA.

Are goals are to promote sleddog racing and to educate both mushers and the public about our sport. The British Cup Sleddog conference was the first conference to be held in the UK, and attracted guests such as Tim White and Harris Dunlap.

As well as information of British Sleddog Racing, your find a whole host of information on sleddog racing worldwide.

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I'm often asked to recommend good mushing books so I've created this list of titles which I've found very useful and a good read! All these titles are discounted and available at Amazon.com (The US site is cheaper than the UK)

The Speed Mushing Manual : How to Train Racing Sled Dogs Buy it
A clear and concise book on training sled dogs to race. There are specific examples to clarify most techniques and ample support for the effectiveness of each method. He has successfully condensed the knowledge of many of the world's top mushers into a relatively short book. Consider it essential reading for anyone who wants to reach the maximum potential of their dogs whether they be competitors at the national or local level.

Winterdance : The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod Buy it
Not a technical book, but it still gives you plenty of information. The book takes you through the author's trials and tribulations on his way to the Iditarod. Tthe funiest book I've ever read. Everyone can relate to this story, and anyone that has run dogs, will find it even better!

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