British Sleddog Racing Champions

Hi there, thanks for checking out our kennel page.

I'm J-M Littman

You might of guessed that we're based in the UK ( what you race sleddogs in the UK ) sure we do check out "About Sleddog Racing" to find out more about the UK racing scene.

We live about 25 miles north of London in the county of Hertfordshire
( map ) and have a very small kennel of 6 Siberian Huskies. We haven't expanded our team in recent years as we wait to see if the UK quarantine laws change, which would then allow us to easily compete in Europe. UK quarantine is 6 months in a goverment approved kennel for any animal ( except horses ) entering the country, vacinations or not. For this pleasure they'll also charge you £1500-£2000 per dog ( approx $2250-$3000 !! ). So we are stuck here !!

I try every year to race abroad and team up with Terry Streeper, one of the world's best sprint racers. At the 1994 World Championships I placed 11th in the 6 dog class and at the 1997 Limited N. Americans and finished 16th in the 6 dog. This season hopefully I off to race with Arleigh Reynolds at either Laconia or Saranac Lakes.

Back home we've done pretty well over the 6 years we've had dogs. We started with just 2 dogs, Jaxom & Shermann, who were really just pets, at least to begin with ! The dogs got us racing, not the other way round, and after my fisrt race, I was hooked !! Then we had to get some more dogs. We suffered some early set backs when we bought in some Canadian racing lines, but those dogs died before their first season - we had to put it down to a bad breeding. So we looked elsewhere and found the Zero line of Siberian Huskies, which is what the majority of our dogs are based on now.

In the future I hope that quarantine will be brought down at least for Europe, then finally I can race my own dogs in a international race. In the shortime, this season, I'm looking forward to defending my Championship Title in the 4 dog class.

If you've read this then hopefully most of the images have downloaded below !

Numan + Storm
Numan + Storm at play !
Flint Behind Libby both Leaders
Jaxom - sadly died a 3 years ago
Hooking up
jaxom, Shermann + Numan