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The site belongs to JM Littman, 5 Times British Sled Dog Racing Champion and World Rank Sleddog Racer. I retired from racing some years ago, but leave this site available as it has some useful husky information. We still have all our husky dogs and more recently have been involved in several TV & Film productions. We were asked to consult on the Lara Croft Tomb Raider movie in 2000/2001. We supplied the husky teams and handlers, provided training for Angelina Jolie and for the supporting cast and also consulted on the script and set building for the movie. It wasn't all behind the scenes as we also stunt doubled for some of the scenes!

We provide a professional service for TV and Film production available for features, advertising and promotional activities.
Please contact JM Littman for further information on our husky and sled dog services for the TV and Film industry. For our web design agency please follow the link to go to Webheads - A leading web agency in London


Tomb Raider Huskies

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Please note that I no longer update this site and serves only as an archive and resource.

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